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This is how we work ...

Step 1: Pre-Design Concept


To begin with, we discuss general design principles and styles and we provide you with a draft cost estimation for your project. If you choose to assign ARPADOM the pre-design planning, we come up with minimum detail draft architectural plans, and basic material selection. That is enough for you to have a general understanding of your project and your overall budget. At this stage we prepare for our clients the necessary RFQ (Request for Quote) documents so they can later on ask for financial offers from contractors, based on the same specs and assumptions?

Step 2: Detailed Planning


Every construction project can be completed with just a basic architectural floorplan. But if you are serious about your project and want to proceed with it in the most professional way, you need to have a lot more to begin with, otherwise you will face unsurpassed obstacles during construction.

ARPADOM can provide you with a complete set of detailed:

1. Architectrual plans, 3D Modeling, Photorealistic Rendering

2. Structural plans, Electric, Plumbing & Engineering

3. Lighting design plans, Interior design & Material selection plans

4. Technical details & Structural instruction plans

5. Furniture custom design plans

6. Official Construction Permit issuing & all necessary procedures

Step 3: Assign Contractor

Only after receiving all the detailed plans, you can contact contractors for formal finacial offers based on the exact floorplans, structural details and material mentioned in our plans. After receiving formal financial offers from several other contractors you can compare them with ARPADOM's offer and assign the project to the company of your choice. All the plans and documents mentioned above are attached to the agreement thus describing in detail all work that needs to be done

Step 4: Construction


We provide you with all the services you need:

1. Project Management & Supplies

2. Crew/Subcontractors assembly, Technical instructions & Work Coordination

3. On site Security, Access control, Health & Safety, Crisis management

4. Quality Control & Constant Reporting

 5. As Built post construction actual plans (critical)

6. Operation & Maintenance (O&M) manual (critical)

Step 5: Facility Management

After completion, ARPADOM can provide you with constant technical support, annual scheduled maintenance or even facility management in case you are looking to rent your property and receive a monthly passive income.

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